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Sanguine. Serene. Sparing. Sparring. Silly.

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Of course, the most important thing to say about ‘Rose’ is that it was written entirely from Rose Tyler’s point of view. The Autons provide the plot, but the story is all about her. (There’s an old Hollywood saw, describing the vital difference between plot and story. Plot is: the King died and then the Queen died. Story is: the King died and then the Queen died of a broken heart.) I’d love to tell you that months of analysis went into the decision to focus on Rose, but the fact is, it didn’t take a second. Some things are just instinct, and all the rest is hindsight. Hidden amongst a million options, there is one way to write something. And finding that one way is my job.
Russell T Davies, Doctor Who: The Shooting Scripts (via timelordsandladies)

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He did it again. He saw right through her. Right over her walls. Only this time, Emma doesn’t walk away like she normally does when she knows he’s right.

This time, she doesn’t try to avoid it all together.

This time, she knows he’s gonna find out, she knows she will tell him, but in time. Her time.

And to assure him of that, she leans in for a gentle kiss. She cares so much for him, and she knows there’s no more hiding from him. She doesn’t want to, she doesn’t need to. She just needs a little time to adjust to finally having someone who cares.

But she’s not going anywhere. And she’s finally letting him know that. 

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