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Doctor Who: Even if you’re an average person with an unexciting life, something fantastic will happen and you can challenge yourself.

Moffat Who: You gotta be hot and raised under magical circumstances so some day a megalomaniacal alien will notice you

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There’s this whole new group of Bethyl ‘cool kids’. We’ve been left behind, y’all.

Girl, bye, you know you’re one of the OG’s here.

Everyone’s cool when they join the Bethyl ship! The originals…

leprakans, new or not, you are—hands down—one of the nicest Bethylers I’ve met.  I agree with xthehunter-thesongbirdx, original or not, you’re still a cool kid to me :-)

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patiencetakestyme asked: I heard you were receiving some hate from Carylers, and I'm just so sorry. I read through your posts and I really respect how you handled it. A Caryler and I started an initiative to bring peace to the ships, but still things like this happen. It hurts my heart to see anyone go through it. Never suffer alone. Should this happen again, I'm always here to listen; my ask is always open. Your blog is beautiful. You are beautiful. Please never forget that. Hugs from one Bethyler to another :-)


Thank you so much, I actually really needed to hear this^^ It’s a shame that it still happens, but I appreciate that you guys are actively working to keep the peace :)

You are very kind for sending is to me hunnie, and know that it’s very much appreciated. I hope you have a wonderful day sweetie! <3

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“He, too, stood looking at her for a moment—and it seemed to her that it was not a look of greeting after an absence, but the look of someone who had thought of her every day of that year. She could not be certain, it was only an instant, so brief that just as she caught it, he was turning…” -Ayn Rand

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faith5by5-1013 replied to your post“The next email from my agent will hopefully hold the link to my Ebook…”
Congrats! That’s really exciting!
Thank you!  I still really can’t wrap my head around it :-)

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Today, it was brought to my attention by a Caryler that a fellow Bethyler was suffering hate from other Carylers.  She asked me to please pass on the word, in the hopes that the damage done by some of her more adverse shipmates could be undone.  While it is always horrible to see hate exchanged across ship lines, the way the receiver and the Caryler who brought it to my attention handled it was magnificent.  Please, if you wish to, spread some peace and positivity to thehunter-thesongbird today, as I’m sure most of us know what it feels like to be in the wake of hate.  

What’s more, upon looking at the recipient’s blog, I saw several post, from some of my favorite Carylers, wishing her well and apologizing for the extremists shipmates.  captain-rapscallion and faith5by5-1013, you are amazing people, and I adore you so much for reaching out to the Bethyler at hand.  It’s things like this—people reaching out, with no external encouragement—that keep bellbroetchen and I motivated with our Ambassadors for Peace initiative.  To know that there are others who feel similarly compelled towards peace without provocation…it’s all the encouragement to carry on I’ll ever need.  

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